Best Meal Kits For Families 2021

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Life nowadays is getting faster, busier and more complex than in early times. Families are seen as busy enough to fulfil their daily lives’ requirements. Various types of meal kits are the best time saviour for those families. In their busy schedule, they need not bother about how to grocery, how to cook meals, how to fulfil their child’s requirements about food. Meal kit deliveries are not only helpful for those families but also have made their lives more luxurious. In this article, we’ll review the 14 best meal kits for families to try in 2021.


Meal kit delivery services offer delivery items inclined to their customer’s tastes. Sometimes, kids become very picky in their selection of meals, few families have health issues and age factors. Numerous meal kit services take into consideration the need of every family member. For this purpose, they consist of meal items that are set according to the needs of the whole family. For example, a family of 8 members will have grandparents also and diet plans for grandparents are always different than the other members of the family, meal kit services offer food items that are free from spices ingredients and will offer low fat, low salt food. The children who are always much picky in their food, the flavour of Green Chef will be best for them. 

Moreover, there are so many companies that are offering delicious meals like a blue apron, sun basket, Martha & Marley spoon snap kitchen, Foodpanda, daily harvest, purple carrot, green chef, gobble, hello fresh, dinnerly, plate joy, Munchery, one potato, yumble, freshly, home chef, Terra’s kitchen, and so many other comes with a variety of dishes and serves niche meal customization. People with special diets like vegetarians, gluten-free, paleo, low carb, and plant-based, piscatorial may select them according to their needs. 

14 Best Meal Kits For Families To Try In 2021

1- Sun Basket Meal Kit Service

We placed Sub Basket at the top of our list of 14 best meal kits for families due to its popularity, subscription plans, and meal. Sun basket is not only a well-known meal delivery kit but also offers more organic, non-GMO, sustainably and responsibly food ingredients. In case of nutrients and taste, sun basket offers nutritious and very tasty meals. Most sun basket’s meals are nutritionist-approved and food with organic ingredients. Most meals in the Sun Basket take 30 minutes to get prepare. Sun basket also offers meal selection deals among sic to eighteen different organic meal recipes. Sun basket is present among almost 36 states. Want to learn more about Sun Basket? You are welcome to read our Sun Basket Review 2021.

2- Blue Apron Meal Kit Service

Blue Apron is one of the best online services for those who are crazy about eating and cooking. Recipes used in this blue apron contains a great interesting twist, also meals of better quality. Dishes of many varieties are used in a blue apron. recipes in blue apron take one hour or 20 minutes to get ready, according to their menu. But readymade recopies of the blue apron are always worth eating and satisfying for the customer. Want to learn more about Blue Apron? You are welcome to read our Blue Apron Review.

3- Martha & Marley Spoon Snap Kitchen 

It consists of deal items of customer’s comfort food especially when we are selecting for our kids with the variations of American traditional food deals like chicken schnitzel & potatoes with garlic herb pork tenderloin. According to their deal plans, we can select 2,3 and 4 meals per week and it is more suitable for kid’s meal plans. 

4- Purple Carrot 

This meal kit is veggie-centric meals that contain plant-based food are mostly beneficial for vegans and vegetarians. It is also scientifically proven that plant-based food is beneficial for health in reducing the risk of heart diseases and diabetes. The mission on which Purple Carrot is working is to “make the country more pro plant”. This meal kit always uses simple ingredients like cashew and black beans. The price to order is a little bit steeper for purple carrot than other competitors but shipping is free that cuts down the final cost.  Purple carrots take 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. 

5- Green Chef 

This is based on three designed most popular diets that keep the balance of nutrients in their meals. These are the keto + Paleo plan and plant-powered plan. The keto + Paleo plan consists of appealing meals for the whole family and contains delicious grain-free dinners like Thai coconut chicken soup or Bavarian pork patties etc. On the other hand, plant-powered plans are more beneficial for vegans and vegetarians. A balanced living plan is a combination of vegetarian, seafood and meat recipes. Green chef offers all balanced diet meals. It takes 25 to 45 minutes to get prepare their meals. 

6- Gobble 

Gobble always prefer to deliver the food speedily. This meal contains meals that are mostly liked by kids. The way they present is much simpler than those of other competitors. At the end of a busy day, it is a fantastic idea to order a quick meal from gobble. 

7- Hello Fresh

Hello fresh services offer 3 menus plans like a classic plan, veggie plan and family plan. In all of these families, the plan consists of larger services on the idea that the same meal will offer for the whole family. But most of this kit’s recipes are best for kids. Want to learn more about Hello Fresh? You are welcome to read our Hello Fresh Review 2021.

8- Dinnerly

A perfect donner plan, especially for kids, is offered by dinnerly. Price and meal are two selling points of dinnerly. Price selling means its box contains 3 recipes with 4 portions that are very reasonable in amount. On the other hand, the meal selling point means it offers 6 meals for each week. It always offers simple and affordable dining. 

9- Home Chef 

This is another form of meal kit service that is quite interesting and special recipes prepare for the families. More than 10 meals are usually offered by the home chef for a week. It also contains certain dishes that don’t need to cook. 

10- Plate Joy 

Plate joy is somehow different from all other meal kit companies in a way that it focuses on recipes instead of ingredients. It offers families its customization regarding their meal plans like which type of milk is used by a family. Plate joy considers the customer’s joy regarding choice. 

11- Munchery 

It offers especially sauce-based meals because they use pre-made meals. Its service is also quick to service. It takes almost 15 minutes or less to get prepare and deliver. 

12- One Potato 

It is not only best for kids but also for the whole family. Organic ingredients are mostly used by one potato. On potato means one specific one plater according to a family favourite. It also offers another aspect of the plan like from two potato plans to six potato plans. It also uses a rotating menu plan. 

13- Yumble

This weekly menu offers 3 meal plans to select from 6 meals per week, 8 meals per week or 16 meals plans for a week. It is specially designed for the kids and variation in their selection of flavours. 

14- Freshly

It offers fresh fully cooked meals on the customer’s doorstep within few minutes. Freshly do not use already freeze or baked meals. It always prefers to deliver the meal that is prepared right after receiving the order. It serves as the kitchen of mom where one can eat a meal like mom live with you to whom you order and within few minutes fresh ready to eat meal kit happens. 

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