Sun Basket Review: Our Personal Experience With Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery

June 28, 2021 3 Comments

What Is A Sun Basket?

Sun Basket is a food delivery service that packages prepares and sends meal kits to your home. Though you continue to need to actually cook the food on your own, Sun Basket provides a fast and straightforward way for you to access and prepare ingredients for your meals. 

Sunbasket may be a meal kit service that’s focused on top-quality ingredients and convenience.

Offering a spread of meals produced using organic, sustainably sourced ingredients, Sun Basket could also be an easy solution for busy, health-conscious consumers.


However, there are several drawbacks to think about, and it will also, and it’s going to not be an excellent choice for everybody.

This Sun Basket Review takes an in-depth check out Sun Basket and whether you ought to provide it a try.

How Does Work Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Service?

Sun Basket is a simple to use meal kit delivery service. Signup is straightforward, picking your meals is straightforward, and deliveries are simple. You only need to vest the website and sign in. Add in your email address and choose a password (you also can sign in using Facebook — points for convenience). To learn more about the Sign-Up process of Sun Basket, keep on reading it.

Now, pick an idea, including what percentage of people you would like to cook for, what percentage recipes you would like for the week, which dietary preference you would like (quick and straightforward, paleo, etc.), and which week you’re ordering for. Finally, add in your delivery and payment info to finish the method.

Nice and straightforward. Recipes, on the opposite hand, could use touch work. By that, I mean, I had to figure out a touch too hard to urge these meals ready. I do know meal kits are tons about the experience of cooking your own meal from scratch, and I’m all for that (mostly). But I don’t want to possess to grate, chop, or press garlic.

Most recipes require you to scrub, peel, slice, and fry vegetables. then the sauces are entirely another story. Maybe for somebody else, this is able to be ok, but that’s a touch an excessive amount of hands-on on behalf of me. When my box arrived, I used to be really happy to ascertain how well-organized everything was. Unlike some services like EveryPlate, Sun Basket puts each recipe into its own bag, so there’s no confusion about which ingredients accompany which recipe. The box also comes with a pleasant booklet with the recipes, colorful pictures, and full nutrition information.

As I already mentioned, producing the meals was really complicated. I don’t want to slice apricots to form a sauce. That’s more work than I bargained for, which took far away from my experience tons. But I should emphasize that a lot of people enjoy and are literally looking forward to the cooking process. So, if that’s you, this won’t be a defect. At long last, I used to be able to sit right down to my meal. Of all the meals I tested, I feel I liked the fettuccine Alfredo with Italian salad the simplest. But everything I made came out specialized, with many flavors, and a fun mixture of tastes.

Sun Basket Review: Pros And Cons


Recipes from the award-winning chefs

In terms of flavor, collection, and new and interesting tastes, Sunbasket certainly hits the spot. The meals are delicious and eclectic.

Organic produce and clean ingredients 

If you’re trying to find clean eating, this is often the place. Sunbasket uses 100% organic, antibiotic, and hormone-free meats and eggs, and wild-caught seafood recommended by the most suitable option or Good Alternative.

Lots of plans to satisfy special dietary needs

This is often an honest option for you if you’re trying to stay to a selected sort of diet plan. With all the choices, your diet is sure to be covered.

Ingredients are pre-measured

Convenience, check. With all the shopping you’ve got to try to do, you’re getting to appreciate this slice of convenience.

Choose your own recipes or get Chef Selections 

Sometimes you are feeling sort of a nut, and sometimes you don’t. When you’re within the mood to be choosy, pick your own menu. once you don’t have the patience, let Sun Basket roll in the hay for you.

Lots of information upfront 

I prefer that there’s all the nutrition information and cooking instructions available upfront. This way, you’ll plan your meals consistent with your diet and choose if the meal is just too much work for you before you order.

Sustainability all the way 

All packaging is scalable and compostable, the fish are caught using low-impact fishing methods, farmers use sustainable crop rotation and water efficiency, and Sun Basket even partners with Feeding America, food banks, and employment programs. that ought to cause you to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Doesn’t ship everywhere 

Sun Basket ships to hundreds of places, but not everywhere across the US. You won’t be ready to use this service if you reside in Arkansas, Hawaii, Montana, and choose areas in New Mexico.

More expensive than some competitors 

Sunbasket uses all organic, scalable, and fresh additives. So commonly, the value of those meals goes to be above in other places. A service like EveryPlate offers meals for $4.99 a pop though, so you’d better really be devoted to washing eating if you would like to stomach this bill.

Who Should Try Sun Basket?

Who Should Try Sun Basket?

Sun Basket could also be an honest choice for health-conscious people that are short on time but still want to enjoy tasty, homemade meals using top-quality ingredients.

Because it’s slightly costly than many other meal delivery services, it’s going to not be the proper fit for those on a decent budget or people that aren’t as concerned about eating only organic or sustainable ingredients.

Additionally, since many of the meals arrive oven-ready or prepared, those that are looking to enhance their cooking skills by employing a meal kit may enjoy other services that need more hands-on preparation.

Finally, those with food allergies or disorders should take care when using Sun Basket, as foods are packaged during a facility that processes major food allergens, including gluten.

The options also are somewhat limited for those with certain dietary restrictions, which may make it challenging for those following a strict vegan, dairy-free, or ketogenic diet.

Who Is Sun Basket Best For?

Sun Basket is a superb choice if you are:

  • People who care about the environment and/or eating clean: Sun Basket is one of the foremost reliable, healthiest, and cleanest meal kit delivery services within the industry. All of the additives are responsibly sourced and as clean as you get. So, if this is often a priority to you, Sunbasket is that the thanks to going.
  • People with specific dietary needs: Sticking to a strict diet are often rough, but having a hotel plan that caters to your dietary needs makes it tons easier. Sun Basket’s got the specialty menus you would like to succeed.

Pricing Details

  • Compared with its competitors, Sun Basket is generally rather pricey, with meals starting from $10.99–$12.99 per serving.
  • Selecting more recipes per week tends to be cheaper, but the value can still add up pretty quickly.
  • Choosing 4 dinners per week with 4 servings each, for instance, would cost about $175.
  • This is not including extra add-ons, like breakfasts, lunches, or snacks, which could build up the worth even more.
  • It also doesn’t include shipping, which costs a flat fee of $7.99 after your first box.

Bottom Line

Sun Basket has a good reputation in the meal kit delivery market, and after testing it, I am pretty sure WHY. The food by Sun Basket meal delivery service is tasty, the variety is incomparable, as well as the method of ordering is so cool. However, it’s not the cheapest plan out there, but not so expensive too. For this, be ready to pay for high-quality ingredients, hearty, healthy meals, and chef-inspired recipes. I hope you’ll like my personal Sun Basket Review that I wrote after experiencing Sun Basket Meal Kit Delivery Service.

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